Women's Designer Wallet to fit every banknote

Functional Wallet for Women

Have you ever been frustrated that you cannot close the zipper with ease because a few banknotes stick out? The small size of some wallets can cause some trouble during travels or the daily running of errands.

Our classic women’s wallet is fully functional and handles your finances well. It features several pockets:

  • 12 pockets for cards
  • 3 pockets for various documents
  • 3 pockets for banknotes
  • 1 pocket with zipper for coins

With measurements of 20 x 10,5 x 3 cm it fully covers large banknotes as following:

  • 500 EUR note: 16 x 8,2 cm (still a legal tender and in circulation)
  • 50 GBP note: 15,6 x 8,5 cm
  • 1000 CHF note: 7 x 15,8 cm

Despite of its great practical use, the wallet look stylish and elegant.

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