Handbag Types by Elsanna Portea

Fancied handbag types

Since handbags come in different designs, forms, functionalities, sizes, and colors, it is reasonable to categorize them according to certain common features. Here are some of the most widespread handbag types which help women to distinguish between them.

1. Totes

nullAmong all the shopping bags, totes are the most popular. While providing plenty of storage space due to their larger size, they still look fancy and stylish. Tote bags have a large opening, oftentimes with clip closure, and are carried at their sturdy top handles on shoulder or by hand.

2. Satchels

nullUnlike the frame bag, satchels are characterized by a front flap that is usually closed by a buckle. They can be worn on either shoulder by a detachable strap. In contrast to other crossbody or sling bags such as saddle bags, they have top handles and thus can be carried by hand as well. With their conspicuous form, baguette bags are special versions of a top-handle.

3. Clutches

nullSince it is usually clutched by one hand, the small handbag thus received its name. The evening bag is generally used for special occasions and also held between forearm and upper body. Because of its limited practicability, it often possesses a chain strap that can be used for shoulder wear. Special kinds of clutch bags are the envelope bag, the wristlet, and the minaudière.

4. Bowler Bags

nullAs the name indicates, the larger bags have originally been used for bowling. Yet, they are now fancied by many women who want to combine elegance and functionality. The bowling bag has sturdy top handles and usually rounded corners. Unlike totes, bowler bags are characterized by a zip closure ranging from one side to the other.

5. Backpack Purses

nullBackpacks are the ultimate hands-free bags. They come with a variety of shapes and closures, including drawstring closures. But in contrast to other practical solutions for everyday storage such as the bucket bag, backpack purses feature two straps, one for each shoulder. In addition, they are convertible and can be carried as an ordinary handbag as well. Thus, backpack purses are perfect for travel and further provide style to everyday life.

Categories such as shoulder bags or crossbody bags, which are commonly used within the world of fashion, designate a way of carrying the bags and thus comprise several of the types mentioned above. For specific information regarding various bags, visit our store and check out our handbag collection.

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