Handbag Contents by Elsanna Portea

Must-have items to carry in your handbag

Providing storage on a day-to-day basis, handbags are inevitable for every woman who wants to keep her most important belongings with her all the time. Although the pieces in a handbag might vary according to person or occasion, there are at least three categories of must-have items that every woman should be aware of: necessity, appearance, and well-being.

1. Items of Necessity

Among those items that all women need to carry along are keys, phone, and a wallet. During travels it may be wise to have a small bottle of water, some snacks, and a foldable umbrella in your bag alongside your travel documents. On certain other occasions a planner, note pad, and pencil might be a good choice. Your essentials are valuable and thus should be at your disposal all the time.

2. Items regarding Appearance

Women want to look attractive. And in order to ensure that their appearance remains that way throughout various circumstances, a hand mirror, hair brush, and makeup bag are a must-have for most women. The specific contents can range from lipstick and brightening concealer to hairpins or ponytail holder. Whether cleansing facial wipes or a manicure set, the variety of your handbags allows you to adjust according to every occasion.

3. Items for the Well-being

Feeling prepared in all situations should be a priority. Therefore, toiletries in your handbag such as tissues, sanitizer, stain remover stick, sanitary pads, or tampons can contribute to a woman’s well-being in public. To avoid bad odour, having a deodorant, mints, or a mouthwash would be helpful as well. Handbags allow you to feel comfortable while on the go.

If you would like to know which types of bags might be most suitable for carrying your must-have items, visit our store and check out our portfolio of handbags.

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