Why every woman needs to own handbags by Elsanna Portea

Why every woman needs to own handbags

Women love handbags. Although they most likely own several pieces, the eye-catching accessory in a store will certainly not escape their attention. But besides this peculiar magnetic attraction, there are actually plausible reasons for having a handbag: functionality, security, and beauty.

1. Functionality

Handbags are ideal accessories for storing valuable belongings while on the go in everyday life or during travels. Whether cosmetics, hand mirror, hair brush, wallet, keys, phone, or yet baby gear, a lady wants to keep her essentials handy at all times. Even the man in her life will sometimes gladly use the storage of her bag.

2. Security

Handbags always convey a sense of safety to women allowing them to be prepared for all circumstances. In the event of a smeared makeup, a run in a stocking, or a ruined hairstyle due to unexpected weather conditions, the handbag helps women to react accordingly and thus to feel secure and comfortable in all situations.

3. Beauty

Handbags are easily combined with many outfits, complementing them for a more beautiful outward appearance. They also make an individual and stylistic statement about the person carrying the bag. A single accessory well selected can upgrade a woman’s image in public and enhance her attractiveness.

In conclusion, the mere desire for a handbag is not a compelling indicator of an unhealthy infatuation with the accessory, as often portrayed. Actually, it is quite smart and reasonable for a woman to wisely purchase a variety of handbags that fit her style and can be used on different occasions. Feel free to browse our collection of handbags to find something for your needs.

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