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Elegantly contouring a rotated ‘E’ with reference to our label, the lyre-logo represents our commitment to quality artisanry and sophisticated enjoyment. Independent of modern trends, Elsanna Portea plays with timeless handbags and leather accessories, offering a variety of essential items. Through our products and palettes, we hope to inspire our female followers to creatively combine the pieces of their wardrobe with a sense of adventure and ingenuity.

Encouraging women to internal strength and confidence in who they are, we value the essence of authentic feminine beauty which is respected by all. Our belief is that the harmony of an enchanting personality, beautiful appearance, and cultured refinement is the token of a woman’s attractiveness. Her varied, colourful life is illustrated in our portfolio. In accordance with our vision to empower people to dignified living, Elsanna Portea supports a Children’s Village in Romania—accessory of our social engagement.

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