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Elsanna Portea, founded as a family-run enterprise, is a newly established online boutique for women, offering designer handbags and luxury fashion accessories. Endearingly called “Elsanna” by her mum, our owner and creative director Elsa Lang is the muse, after which our label is named. Our vision to prospectively design prêt-à-porter clothing and accessories, which Elsanna would wear herself, inspired the embellishment “Portea.”

Elsa’s passion for exquisite fashion has been born through her international experience across three continents. This stimulated the launch of her own clothing line of  high-quality craftsmanship with beautifully designed details. Desiring to inspire other women to joyful living, feminine confidence, and congenial beauty springs forth from a heart of a mother of two. The harmony of Elsa’s vibrant personality and elegant charm creates the signature of our line.

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