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Why every woman needs to own handbags by Elsanna Portea

Why every woman needs to own handbags

Women love handbags. Although they most likely own several pieces, the eye-catching accessory in a store will certainly not escape ...
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Handbag Contents by Elsanna Portea

Must-have items to carry in your handbag

Providing storage on a day-to-day basis, handbags are inevitable for every woman who wants to keep her most important belongings ...
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Handbag Types by Elsanna Portea

Fancied handbag types

Since handbags come in different designs, forms, functionalities, sizes, and colors, it is reasonable to categorize them according to certain ...
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History of Handbags by Elsanna Portea

A brief history of the handbag

As handbags play a significant role in the lives of women, let’s have a brief look into its development over ...
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